About Us

GT Finn

New Energy Global was founded by GT Finn in 2003 to help bring new energy solutions to communities everywhere. Mr. Finn spent the 70s and 80s as an Executive working in education, drug rehab and social betterment programs on 4 continents. In the 90s, to help his wife raise their 4 daughters, he founded and built companies that became leaders in the telecom and wireless industries. Those combined experiences in social service and in helping to cost-effectively bring new emerging technologies to the marketplace gave rise to NEG.

Myron Thompson

Myron Thompson is a member of a prominent native Hawaiian family that has been helping to safeguard the natural beauty and culture of Hawaii throughout the 20th Century. Myron himself has been involved in bringing new energy solutions to the Islands for almost 20 years. At the dawn of a new century, New Energy Global is very blessed to have Myron’s vision and leadership helping us to bring these important values to the rest of the world.

Kevin O’Donnell

Founded 2 multi-billion dollar public companies … GTSI (which serviced the government’s software needs) and Earthlink. He brings a great deal of knowledge and experience to New Energy Global. Mr. O’Donnell’s father was Kenny O’Donnell, chief of staff for President Kennedy. Kevin has a passion for helping to bring new solutions to the energy sector. NEG has begun to work with government offices to help them achieve their renewable energy goals and, as a Board Member, Mr. O’Donnell will advise a team of people that will oversee these projects worldwide.

Richard Furbush

Mr. Furbush holds an Engineering degree from Cornell and an Architecture degree from Harvard. His father served as President of the Mass Senate for many years, and Rick inherited that desire to serve. As the MVP and starting QB for Cornell’s football team for 4 years he was a leader on and off the field, and he has since carried that role into the community. NEG is very fortunate to have Mr. Furbush ensuring Quality Control for the design and installation of of our Delivery Division.

Lance Whalin
Senior Energy Consultant

Lance Whalin is a highly regarded “Efficiency Expert” who has been assisting large companies to operate with greater energy efficiency throughout the US for many decades. Lance brings a conscientious and dedicated spirit to the oversight of NEG’s larger accounts.