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San Francisco, CA

New Energy Global has recently expanded to the San Francisco Bay Area.

California is on the forefront of incentives for installing energy saving equipment in homes and businesses. Programs such as the California Solar Initiative allow homeowners and business owners to take advantage of premium rebates thus making solar energy an affordable option. Flex Your Power is another state-wide program which offers other incentives for installing energy saving improvements into a home. These incentives and rebates will vary depending on the local energy provider ie. Pacific Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison etc.

San Francisco is constantly working on programs to stay in the light as one of the worlds to “green-leading” cities. As of 2008 the city has implemented a major budget increase in a program called Energy Watch. Programs like this are creating jobs for the city of San Francisco and giving money back to small businesses and homeowners.

Its our job to find all your energy inefficiencies and get you the most available incentives and rebates for . At NEG San Francisco – We specialize in increasing the comfort of your home, making it a healthier living space, decreasing your energy consumption while all together helping the environment by reducing your carbon foot print.

NEG San Francisco
Recent News

Jan 2010 – New Energy Global of San Francisco recently did several energy audits on some of San Francisco’s top non-profit organizations as our way of giving back to those groups that help year round. This included a 26,000 sq foot building and home to San Francisco’s leading non-profit organization for homeless prenatal women.

“We want to first thank you for taking the time to meet with us, analyze our building for energy deficiencies and then provide the report on your findings. We were very pleased with your final report because as you noted, HPP is already very energy efficient. Some of the suggested improvements NEG has made were already being corrected as you discussed with our building maintenance manager during your visit. HPP will be reviewing all of the other suggestions to see how we can be sure that we are 100% energy efficient!” S.B.